Crimes of Reason on Mind, Nature, and The Paranormal

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (July 16, 2014)
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“Stephen Braude is a professional philosopher and well-established author both of books and articles who is particularly noted for two things.

One is for his work in certain Borderland areas in which topics within philosophy, psychology, parapsychology and psychiatry meet, overlap and interact (or should interact). The other is for the clarity and pithiness of expression with which he handles abstruse and difficult issues.

He has a gift for analogies, often amusing ones, which cut through layers of nonsense (often pretentious nonsense loaded with jargon) and expose the nub of a question. If Braude’s views are correct – and they are certainly cogently argued – these topics are potentially of considerable and wide-ranging importance.”

(Alan Gauld, University of Nottingham)

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Professor Braude is also
the former Editor-in-Chief of the
Journal of Scientific Exploration