ESP and Psychokinesis

“Braude…has written an important book. It is, moreover, timely, clear, and keenly reasoned. What it attempts is astonishing, what it achieves is substantial.”–James M.O. Wheatley, University of Toronto

” I believe that the publication of this book marks a major event in the area of the philosophy of parapsychology and perhaps even in parapsychology itself. That someone of the caliber of Braude writes a full-length manuscript concerning many of the most interesting and pressing problems in parapsychology is important. His analysis and arguments are always incisive; they are detailed; they are well thought out and well argued. Quite frankly, not only was I enthralled by the book, but I learned a tremendous amount from it and I know of no higher praise than this. The book is a first-rate work which ought to be in everyone’s library.”–Hoyt L. Edge, Rollins College

“This book…will…set the pace for discussion in this area for a long time to come and it can almost be guaranteed to provoke, irritate but, in the end, stimulate all who take the trouble to read it.”–Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

“…a very thought-provoking experience. I highly recommend Stephen Braude’s book to those concerned with philosophical and theoretical issues iin parapsychology.”–Journal of Parapsychology

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Professor Braude is also
the former Editor-in-Chief of the
Journal of Scientific Exploration