First Person Plural: Multiple Personality and the Philosophy of Mind

“a valuable addition to the growing body of new philosophical literature on descriptive psychopathology.”–British Journal of Psychiatry

“Whatever the philosophical literature produces on MPD, the debt should be heavy to this stimulating and thoughtful book.”–Ethics

“Braude has here put the scientific work on MPD on stronger philosophical ground by spelling out explicitly issues and assumptions that must be recognized and dealt with fully before there can be an adequate theory of MPD, of dissociation, or of mind in general. In this book Braude has provided the philosophical framework needed to consider and better understand the implications of MPD.”–Journal of Scientific Exploration

“…the book…should be enjoyable and instructive for readers interested in multiple personality, parapsychology, the false memory debate, or the philosophy of mind.¬†Stephen Braude is one of the most articulate critics of pervasive sloppy scholarship and low intellectual standards in the false memory controversy.”–Colin Ross

“illuminating, deftly and clearly written, and richly thought provoking…breaks new ground in philosophy.”–James M.O. Wheatley, University of Toronto

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Professor Braude is also
the former Editor-in-Chief of the
Journal of Scientific Exploration