Immortal Remains: The Evidence for Life After Death

Rowman & Littlefield, 2003
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“Certainly one of the best assessments ever written of the evidence for human survival of bodily death.”

– Raymond Martin, Union College

“This is quite likely the most informed book you’ll ever read on the subject from the perspective of a highly intelligent philosopher, not a New Age guru, and it makes connections to creativity you might not have otherwise suspected.”

– Carole Brooks Platt, Ph.D, author of In Their Right Minds: The Lives and Shared Practices of Poetic Geniuses (2015)

“Imaginative, detailed and well written, and should  certainly be on the reading list of anyone who is in the process of making up his or her own mind.”

– Robert McLuhan, author of Randi’s Prize

“This book is impressive…Superlatives are in order. This is the best book on survival that  I have read, certainly superior to…recent books…which claim that the evidence for personal survival is conclusive, much stronger than it is.”

– Frank Dilley, author of Metaphysics and Religious Language

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