The Limits of Influence

“Braude’s study offers a load of evidence from a fresh quarter showing how difficult it is to get an honest hearing for deviant phenomena and how compliant the model of science actually is. I’m delighted to see it in print. Braude is surely one of the best informed and most readable philosophical guides, and his book offers the most orderly entry into the inevitable quarrels. The anecdotal material is absolutely fascinating. But Braude’s careful speculations about its bearing on causality and empirical confirmation are even more intriguing and much more important.”–Joseph Margolis, Temple University

“An excellent defense of the existence of large-scale psychokinesis. Braude does a very good job at arguing for the relevance of anecdotal evidence in support of large-scale psychokinesis. His chapter on physical mediumship, especially the mediumship of D.D. Home, presents a formidable challenge to the skeptical estimate of PK.”–Prof. Michael Sudduth, San Francisco State University

“A challenging work for both skeptics and believers in psychic effects, Braude…defends what to many would seem an outrageous thesis: that historical reports on mediums and ghosts provide the best evidence for psychokinetic phenomena–rather than laboratory controlled experiments. A sequel to Braude’s earlier work, ESP and Psychokinesis: A Philosophical Examination…this book is the only comparable work of sophisticated philosophical analysis. Fine scholarship on the reports of mediums and apparitions is combined with careful philosophical reasoning…The careful argumentation should especially provoke philosophers and parapsychologists.”–Choice

“Stephen Braude is among the most philosophically sophisticated of those currently writing on the ‘paranormal’. He is perhaps the most philosophically sophisticated among clear advocates of the paranormal. What he attempts is clear and compelling argument for extremely unpopular views, and that alone makes this book–like Braude’s work in general–well worth attending to.¬†Braude’s forceful arguments…and his careful theoretical suggestions…make the book of genuine philosophical interest”–Patrick Grim, SUNY Stony Brook

“…a deep and serious book which in spite of its erudition makes very interesting reading…should not be missed by anyone interested in psi phenomena and psychokinesis.”–New Humanity

“Braude’s originality, cogency, and challenging conclusions–and his detailed chronicle of psychic virtuosity–make for a work that both philosophers and parapsychologists should study.”–James M.O. Wheatley, University of Toronto

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